Amazon Ghost Testimonials

ONLY complaint. I wish it was released sooner. I spent about 3 weeks with a migraine trying to search for all of this information. All that I still didn’t know if I was doing things correctly (I wasn’t). After reading this I realize I need to go back and redo some things to truly go GHOST on Amazon.

E-Nertia (eBay Suspension Forum)

Just a fantastic read for everyone (New or Pro’s) to sell on Amazon. You will not find this much Complete Information anywhere… I am new to this forum and as many will tell you on here Amazon is a beastly challenge compared to ebay… Thats why you need Amazon Ghost it is a must read. Thank you Aspkin for another awesome guide…

Shadow2010 (eBay Suspension Forum)

This book is the definitive must read guide on on how to get back on amazon and start selling again weather you are a beginner or stealth pro. Amazon is and always will be an animal of it’s own. A different level of detail and knowledge is needed in order to tame this beast and keep the sales going!

Everything is numbered in steps and geared toward newbies and also direct for computer knowledgeable people. There are techniques in this guide that took me 6 months of reading the forums to figure out and i would say that I am more advanced. The info and techniques are there just sit down crack it open and start doing it! The only think i ask, is why you made me read for 6 months and not come out sooner!

Newtools (eBay Suspension Forum)

Ok so I read the eBook and re-read it. Very nicely written with a step-by-step intro for each topic. The images are a bit small but zoom may be needed.

I am not Net savvy at all but the book has it simply written out for anyone to follow =) cheers.

Rsot (eBay Suspension Forum)

Just as I thought, I picked up a few things that I didn’t know before. And I’m not a newbie! There were a couple of banks and gift cards in there I didn’t know about. That alone makes this worth the money.

At $37, this is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to get back on Amazon, regardless of their level of technical expertise. $37 is what – a sale or two? Using these techniques, a user could get back on Amazon is less than 24 hours. Aspkin’s guides always pay for themselves – not over a period of weeks or months, but DAYS! In many cases, ONE SALE will cover it.

Jeffweico (eBay Suspension Forum)

I Have To Say Amazon Ghost is the best e-books i have ever read, it has everything in you need, i got it last week on TrialPay. I have paid over £400 on the e-books for ebay/paypal/amazon but this is straight to the point better than all of them put together and the same strategies work for ebay/ paypal, aspkin this is the best ever

Robsut (eBay Suspension Forum)

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