Thank You For Purchasing Amazon Ghost!

Note: Charge will appear as “STEALTHBOOK” on your billing statement.

In order to access your eBook, please follow these steps:

1. After your purchase of Amazon Ghost you should have received a unique password to register and unlock your eBook copy. If you have not already purchased Amazon Ghost, you can get it here. For alternative payment options click here.

Your eBook password will look similar to the example below.

2. Download and install the “Javelin” PDF reader for Windows PC or Mac computer. This is a required step to view Amazon Ghost.

NOTE: Users of OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later should drag the Javelin App (after download) to the application folder. Once you do that right-click on Javelin from the application folder and select to open.

3. Download Amazon Ghost

File Download: Amazon Ghost 1.1.1

(Right click on the download link above and select to “Save Link As“. Save the file to your desktop. Once on your desktop open the file.)

Trouble Downloading Amazon Ghost? Read Here!

4. The next step is to locate and ‘Run’ Javelin (e.g. from the icon on your Desktop).

Using Javelin’s ‘File’ menu, select ‘Open’, navigate to the Amazon Ghost file you have just saved to your computer, highlight it and then click ‘Open’.

A dialog box will pop up and you will be prompted for the eBook’s ‘Authorization code’.

Copy the code and Paste it into the field provided and press OK (you must have an internet connection available at this point). You only need do this the first time you open the eBook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you reset my eBook password?

A: Sure, please submit a new request [here] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: How Do I Activate My Forum Subscription?

First register on the [support forums] and then go to the [subscription page] to enter your eBook password and subscribe automatically.

Q: I am getting this Error: Warning OneNotem.exe is a potential screen grabber. Please close it!

This is error pertains to Microsoft OneNote. Try closing [Microsoft OneNote] and then try the eBook file again.

  1. Press control-alt-delete
  2. Click “Start Task Manager”
  3. on the 2nd tab, click the Processes tab
  4. You should see about 50 items…
  5. Look for one that says OneNote or something similar.
  6. Select to stop/disable the process.

You should be able to open Amazon Ghost at that time.

Q: Can I read the eBook on my Android device?

Yep, that’s possible. Go to the Google Play store, download the [Javelin App] and then download Amazon Ghost. You will need to copy and paste the [download link] of Amazon Ghost to the Javelin App. This also works with iPad and Apple’s store.

Q: Where can I get updates?

You’ll be notified by EMAIL once an update has been released. The best place to keep up to date is in the [support forums].

Q: Javelin keeps telling me Wrong Authorization Code.

Make sure your computer language is defaulted to English. This error tends to happen when the default language is in Chinese language characters. It changes the authorization code when verifying and it’s unable to verify.

Q: Where can I ask general questions related to the eBook?

A: For the fastest response to your general questions related to Amazon Ghost please register on the [support forums] and ask away. You also get six months free as a subscribed member with your purchase.

Thank You!